About Pejman Chatrrooz aka OMiD ( Graphic Designer )

Pejman Chatrrooz , ????? ??????

I was born on March,1991 in Iran, Khuzestan, Behbahan. I've been through graphic starting with Adobe® Photoshop® 7 since I was 13. My first programming and multimedia software was "Multimedia Builder" witch got to it after 2 years, so I added multimedia to my first favorite (graphics).after getting along well with multimedia environment, I found my way to designing graphical user interface (GUI), I made a combination of these two as I used to spend days designing GUI, I got to know (Apadana) by MajidOnline Forums, I finally joined the Apadana team and started designing GUI for Apadana.


Now I working for (Patira Data processing co.) (OmidGfx), (Apadana Development Group). And before I worked for (Torel Georgian Language lerning website) - (Irancel.org website) - (Parcosoft development co.) - (Arbab soft co.) (Blue Dream Design Group) - (Artemis Engineering Group) - (Arjan Software Group) - (Parsian Advertising Group) - (Pardis Advertising Agency) - (Behbahan Software City Co.)